Klaus has kindly set up SWIG to build on the openSUSE Build Service - https://build.opensuse.org/. It is currently work in progress, but it basically runs the make check target on numerous Linux operating systems. We currently have it working with a set of various old and new versions of SUSE and Redhat. Of particular interest is openSUSE factory, which is continually updated with the latest packages. This offers us an opportunity to spot problems with new releases of the numerous target languages and compilers.

https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:kwk:swig/swig-raw is the best set of builds to monitor. The swig tarball being tested requires a manual update, but we are working on getting it to grab the latest from Github. At the moment Github triggers a new build but doesn't update to the HEAD of master... as I said it is wip! Additional target languages can be tested by configuring in the appropriate package and ensuring configure correctly detects it. Currently the SUSE operating systems are mostly running the main 10 languages and Redhat runs 7 of them. The 'check-versions' make target displays the versions being tested and you'll find the output in the build logs.

I am particularly grateful as I spend a lot of time just testing SWIG and this along with Travis really helps as we have such a huge matrix of versions of compilers and languages to support.