I've merged the gsoc2009-matevz branch containing the C++11 support into master. There is a bit more work needed to polish this off, and there are holes in the C++11 support, but these can be improved upon over time. For the moment, the C++11 tests are not run by default. I plan to get them fully working at some point soon. The C++11 testing can be enabled via:

./configure -enable-cpp11-testing

but it will only be enabled if the compiler is detected as supporting C++0x/C++11. gcc-4.8 is the probably the most compatible atm.
'make check-test-suite' will then run the new C++11 tests. Just the C++11 tests can be run separately using the 'check-cpp11' target, for example:

cd Examples/test-suite/python && make -k -s check-cpp11