Hi folks,

Last week I have started a small side-project accompanying Neha's GSoC project.
I want interested people to participate.

From the project description:

Embrajs provides a means to setup a hybrid C++-JS application easily. The currently evolving SWIG javascript module is used to create bindings for JSC and extend a wxWidgets based browser widget with WebKit backend.

You find two projects on my github account:

https://github.com/oliver----/wxWidgets_JSC_extensions : here are changes that need some review and which I want to commit to the wxWidgets project. They extend the current browser widget with WebInspector support, and introduce an JSC extension mechanism.

https://github.com/oliver----/embrajs : This is basically a small wxWidgets app that shall provide some more convenience regarding the needs for hybrid standalone apps.
I have added the `simple` example together with semi-automatically generated bindings using Ashish's current module prototype. The project is proof-of-concept - nothing more ;)

Currently I managed to extend the GTK version of the wxWidget only. Though, there is an OSX version, too. Unfortunately I am green here. You could be helpful by lending me a hand or and giving me advice.

Moreover I could need your discussion about the introduced, though, still humble security mechanism: JSC extensions are only applied to context's for URLs that have been defined by the programmer (prefix based).

And of course: everybody is invited to develop toy hybrid apps and discuss everything. This would bring us interesting feedback for the GSoC project :)
Thank you very much.