It took me a while, but I now have a first implementation of guile 2.0 support ready for review. It comes in a set of patches which build on one another:

1. make guile scm the primary target ("guile") and guile gh ("guilegh") the secondary one. This is just a precursor to later work.

2. make swig generated code work with guile 2.0

3. drop support for guile 1.6 (as discussed on the mailing list)

4. drop support for the gh interface altogether (as discussed on the mailing list)


A few remarks:

- not all tests run, but there is no regression. The tests that worked before my guile 2.0 work, still run fine.


- When running the tests with guile 2.0, a lot of deprecated warnings will be spewed. I think I can fix most of them, but I'd first like to know if what I have so far is already acceptable for inclusion.


- I had to rewrite the configure section for guile. The old section depended on guile-config, but this is badly broken for guile 2.0. Instead I now depend on pkg-config to get the necessary information (only required when guile support is requested). I figured this is not really a problem because guile-devel (or guile-dev on some systems) depends on pkg-config already. To run the guile test suite, guile-dev(el) has to be installed anyway.


Lastly: how do you want me to present the patchset ? A pull request on github ? Attached to mails ?