I am Ezgi Çiçek, a second year computer engineering student from Bilkent University, Turkey. I want to apply to the "Better Multiple Inheritance Support" project. I know that it is a bit late to discuss deeply, but it took some time to search about SWIG and read documentations ( SWIG Manual, SWIG -Java documents etc.) in the rush of my exams, and projects. I looked at the patch that Zhiyang Jiang had posted, and tried to understand how he added support for multiple inheritance. Now I am writing my proposal and I have some questions.

As I understood, he had provided a new directive %feature(interface) into swig for showing what are interfaces. The abstract class will be interfaces in Java or C#. Some test cases are also provided to check them. So, how are we supposed to make multiple inheritance support better? Should the student go through his code, and try to improve it by adding new properties, or write it from all over? On the other hand, I could not fully understand every pieces of code. I have some difficulties with JNI part, and the proxy implementations. So is it normal to have some difficulties, or should I be able to understand them and propose ways of enhancing it?

Thank you very much


Ezgi Cicek
Bilkent University