I have got a C++ class and Swig generates a Swigtype class, result java class and a wrapper class for the JNI call:

public class module {
  public static Double[][] returndata() {
    return new SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t(moduleJNI.returndata(), true);



class moduleJNI {
  public final static native Double[][] returndata();

swigtype class
public class SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t {
  private long swigCPtr;

  protected SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t(long cPtr, boolean futureUse) {
    swigCPtr = cPtr;

  protected SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t() {
    swigCPtr = 0;

  protected static long getCPtr(SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t obj) {
    return (obj == null) ? 0 : obj.swigCPtr;

Can I disable that Swig creates the SWIGTYPE_p_ublas__matrixTdouble_t class, because both module classes have got
an equal return type, so the swigtype class is not needed. Can I also remove the module.java or moduleJNI.java, because
the JNI class returns the correct datatype, so the module class is not needed.