How do I build a C# dll from the following command-line args?
swig -I"E:\Soar\Core\shared" -I"E:\Soar\Core\pcre" -I"E:\Soar\Core\SoarKernel\src" -I"E:\Soar\Core\ElementXML\src" -I"E:\Soar\Core\KernelSML\src" -I"E:\Soar\Core\ConnectionSML\src" -I"E:\Soar\Core\ClientSML\src" -I"E:\Soar\Core\CLI\src" -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\INCLUDE" -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\ATLMFC\INCLUDE" -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\shared" -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\um" -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\include\winrt" -o "$TARGET" -c++ -csharp -Wall -namespace sml -dllimport CSharp_sml_ClientInterface -outdir "E:\Soar\build\Core\ClientSMLSWIG\CSharp\src" "$SOURCE"
The source files are native C++.
I am new to swig and do not know what the “$TARGET” or “$SOURCE” variables are.  (They may be scons variables.)
William Johnston