I would like to know hot to pass address reference to ‘c’ function through python. I am using swig for ‘c’ anf python interfacing


Interface file is:


%module stud

%include "cpointer.i"

%include "cmalloc.i"

%include "cstring.i"

%include "carrays.i"

%include "cdata.i"



#include "stud.h"



%include "stud.h"



%pointer_functions(int, intp);



%array_functions(char *,charp );


%inline %{

extern int sum2(int *,int, int *,char *param);

extern int sum1(stud2 s);

extern int parse_n_encode(const long gtpp_dict, int use_binary_addr_format,

                 int lrsn, const char *gcdr_node_id_str, int show_gcdr,

                 const long gcdr_len, char *ptr, char **s,

                 int custom7_fileformat_flag);



%inline %{

  int print_args(char **argv) {

    int i = 0;

    for(i=0;i<=180;i++) {

      printf("argv[%d] = %c\n", i,*(argv[i]));



    return i;







From python I am using following



>>> f=open(fname,'r')

>>> f.read(28)


>>> tmp=f.read(172)

>>> tmp





>>> import stud

>>> from stud import *

>>> cp=malloc_charp()

>>> stud.parse_n_encode(1,1,65464,'rajasgtfer',1,172,tmp,cp,0)


>>> c

<Swig Object of type 'char **' at 0x286468>







Now I want read  value of  cp in python… How do I do it.

Any type of help is appreciated.






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