Bronner, Gregory wrote:
> Swig 1.3.35, Lua 5.1.2
> I'm compiling with g++ -Wall
> xxx.h:995: warning: `
> void SWIG_Lua_module_add_variable(lua_State*, const char*, int
> (*)(lua_State*), int (*)(lua_State*))' defined but not used
> I've also got several dozen more of these messages, mostly concerned
> with _wrap_delete_XXXXX, for XXXX class which I probably didn't bother
> to wrap fully anyway. These functions are never referenced, so the
> errors are legitimate, and there is no (easy) way to get to them except
> by declaring them extern.

Hello Gregory,
I just commited to SVN a patch to disable the generation of the _wrap_delete_XXXXX functions. These functions used to be used when you could explicitly call destructors, but that feature was removed, and I have just figured out how to stop emitting the code for it.
At the same time I checked the .i and .swg files and added the SWIGINTERN prefix to a few of the functions.
There should be no issues in the generated code now.


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