According to the SWIG docs (section 5.4.9) there's no way to make a function pointer to a function in the target language.  I think you could hack around this using a typemap by always setting the C function pointer to the same wrapper function in C that then runs a Python callable object.  Since the C function can take a void * you could make a struct like

struct {
PyObject * pyCallable;
PyObject * pyArgs;
} PyCallbackStruct;

in the typemap and pass the C func a pointer to that.  The C func then runs the pyCallable using the pyArgs. You will probably need to make the C wrapper function a %constant too but that shouldn't matter since your Python code won't really see it anyway. - Greg

--- On Sun, 7/27/08, Simon Frost <> wrote:
From: Simon Frost <>
Subject: [Swig-user] Yet another Python callback problem
Date: Sunday, July 27, 2008, 11:56 PM

Dear SWIG List,

I'm trying to wrap a simple discrete event simulation package I wrote
using SWIG. It relies on passing around pointers to functions of the form:

typedef void (*FunctionPointer)(void*);

I have a C struct that looks like this:

typedef struct SimProcess {
FunctionPointer next_event;
} SimProcess;

I then can do things like (*s->next_event)(s) in order to execute the
simulation for a given process.

Essentially, I would like to wrap SimProcess, and be able to assign
Python functions to next_event, which are recognized as void (*)(void*)
by SWIG. I know I have to use the Python API to do this, but I'm unsure
of how to go about writing the appropriate typemaps. Any hints?


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