I am also a GSoC student! Rather than create extra threads, I will introduce myself here too. :)

My name is Cheryl Foil. Next year I will be a senior at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, USA- GMT -4 . I am a major in both Psychology and Computer Science. CS is what I plan to do in my future though. The psychology major is mostly for fun. Extra skills at understanding/manipulating people always come in handy, right? ;)

I was accepted into GSoC to parse the comments in the original C++ and reproduce them written in the documentation language most suited for the language being interfaced to- my first goal will be JavaDoc. I am admittedly nervous about the challenge that will present- but at least I know I'll have something to do all summer. My mentor is Olly Betts!
I am best with Java and C, but I do have moderate C++ and Python experience.  My semester was just wrapping up at school- so I have been inundated with projects until now. Expect to see me in IRC soon! I will use some derivative of my first name.

Nice to meet you guys! I look forward to getting to know all of the other SWIG GSoC students and the SWIG community.  :]