On Saturday 27 April 2013 17:04:36 William S Fulton wrote:

> >

> > Looks like just the multimap example fails. Delete the example if it

> > isn't easy to fix up. The constants example needs to work though, this

> > is quite a common example, see for example Examples/python/constants. I

> > don't know why there is a guilemain.i in the guile version of example.i

> > though. If the examples can pass without the missing runtime tests being

> > added, then I'm happy to merge this all to master - please submit a

> > rebased patch when you are ready. Aftwards I can then tidy up the

> > Makefiles and the various c++ compiler warnings if you can just help get

> > the missing examples running. Then we'll be ready for release.


> Could you also please add in a warning that -gh is deprecated should

> someone use it. The Examples/test-suite/guilscm dir can also be removed.


> Thanks

> William


Regarding the warning: what I already did was change the usage message for swig's guile module. It marks both -scm and -gh as obsolete parameters that effectively do nothing anymore. I have added code to emit a deprecation warning if either option is used. The warning clearly notes that the scm interface will always be used and refers to swig's guile documentation for more info.


The Examples/test-suite/guilescm directory was already removed on my branch. If it still appear in your checkout, that is because git doesn't really do version management on directories, only files. So you may need to remove it from your local clone manually.


Lastly I have worked some more on the examples. Travis now returns green on the guile subtest, yay!


So with that all resolved, I have created a clean branch based off of current master and submitted a pull request. I noticed it spewed lots of warnings in the travis test, so I canceled the pull request myself to fix the warnings.


This is now done and a new pull request has been issued. Travis is currently running on it.