Hello Folks,
    Can anyone tell me how to handle struct ** pointer in swig & python interface.Actually i am facing this problem while wrapping
frozen images for disks using SWIG.Below is just a sample code having similar behavoiur with frozen images.

I am getting following error ==>
TypeError: a 'objid **' is expected, 'PySwigObject(_p_objid)' is  received
// here is my test.h file 

typedef struct objid
int val;
int wt;
char str[10];

int build(objid **pid)
pid[0]->val = 10;
pid[0]->wt =20;
return 1;

here is my inter.i (interface file)
%module mymod

#include "test.h"
%include "typemaps.i"

%typemap(in) objid ** (objid *temp)
    /* This code is from %typemap(in) vfi_objid_t ** */
    if ((SWIG_ConvertPtr($input,(void **)temp, $descriptor(objid **),SWIG_POINTER_EXCEPTION)) == -1)
        return NULL;
    $1 = &temp;


%include "test.h"

On python interpreter i am doing===>

>>> t1 = mymod.objid()
>>> mymod.build(t1)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
TypeError: a 'objid **' is expected, 'PySwigObject(_p_objid)' is received


Pravin Patil