Thanks David! I will try this and then will get back. Can you please also help me with enum like how to include that? enum oaDesignAttrTypeEnum { oacLibNameDesignAttrType = 0, oacCellNameDesignAttrType = 1, oacViewNameDesignAttrType = 2, oacCellTypeDesignAttrType = 3, oacLastSavedTimeDesignAttrType = 4 }; I have tried with below explanation but it didn't work. #ifdef SWIG %rename(Myexample) oaDesignAttrTypeEnum; #endif struct oaDesignAttrTypeEnum { enum Value { oacLibNameDesignAttrType, oacCellNameDesignAttrType, oacViewNameDesignAttrType, oacCellTypeDesignAttrType, oacLastSavedTimeDesignAttrType}; }; typedef oaDesignAttrTypeEnum::Value Myexample; Regards Varun

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