find a short summary of what I did during last week below.

Tasks for the week were:
- Docs!
- Have a closer look at how tests are evaluated. Though the definition
of SWIGPROTECT was missing, tests run 'successfully'. This hints to
something beeing wrong there
- Repair test/backend if necessary

What I did:
- Repaired Typemap and per class typedef

- Document typemaps
[yet to be commited]

- Investigated why obviously false tests succeed
I found out that - at least for the C tests - only the created wrapper file is compiled!
Though this is already bad, it hides something else. Afaics we'll need to do a 2 step compilation, because we need seperate translation contexts:
- 1 for the wrapper (C++ Class with name Foo)
- 1 for the proxy (unique typedef Foo)
Any comments on this?

Tasks for this week are:
- Make sure tests are completely compiled (wrapper _and_ proxy)
- Reevaluate backend's state by tests
- Repair test/backend if necessary
[- Docs]

As always: if you have remarks, comments, questions or suggestions
please feel free to contact me :)