I ran into a  problem with array of array handling.   Wonder if this is a known issue.


Swig version:

    SWIG Version 1.3.29

    Compiled with g++ [i686-redhat-linux-gnu]


Target language: java


Header file: array_test.h, and interface file: array_test.i    (pasted at the end of this email.)


Command : Swig –java array_test.i


Output:   the multi dimentional array is wrapped in SWIGTYPE_p_a_30__int.java as if the data type is unknown.


I tried both with arrays_java.i or without arrays_java.i.   Seems both handled the mutlt-dimentional array as unknown data type.


Any idea?


Appreciate your help.





============= File: array_test.h


#ifndef __ARRAY_TEST_H__

#define __ARRAY_TEST_H__


extern int array_add(

    int unit,

    int * INOUT[30]



#endif /* __ARRAY_TEST__ */


============= File: array_test.i

%module array_test



#include "array_test.h"



/* Let's just grab the original header file here */

%include "arrays_java.i"

%include "array_test.h"