Ru.mor N*e.w,s':
Oncolo*g,y M e.d_. I*n_c.. (OT+C: ONC_O) a Can+cer Treatm'e,nt Sol+utio,ns Grou-p is s'a_i d to h a*v_e
e.xper*ienced o,v*e*r a 1'000% increa_+se in re_ve_nues f.o r t h'e fisc+al 3.r'd endi ng J,u,l_y',
2'0,0-7 co mpa*red w+i,t+h t+h e pr ior y_e-a-r wh_ile fisc*al f-ourth quar+ter result,s f_o'r 2_0+0*7 a r_e on
tra'ck to excee+d t-h*i_s yea'rís t'hird qu.arter re'sults.
O-N,C'O additio_+nally p,lans to i' ncrease ser'vice off er+ings wh*ich a,r+e cur,ren,tly un d*erway.
D,onít w a,i't f-o.r t_h'e n_e*w_s to c o m_e o-u't a.n-d l.o*s*e t h+e opp o'rtunity to g_e.t in fr,ont of the
gen_eral in_vestin_g pub.lic. On'co*logy M.e_d is in a mu+lt,ibillion do'llar indus_,try w*h e'r+e
t_h-e*y a.r_e gaini'ng m*arket sh'are r-apidly.
C a_l,l y+o*u-r b+roker n_o'w f.o+r O,N+C-O..