Orion Poplawski - 2014-01-05

I removed it because it was no longer needed in Octave.



  • Any chance of it being re-instated?

  • Is there a better/alternative way to check for version changes in the code?
    Doing cpp #ifdef checks comparisons on strings is pretty difficult.

I recommend not using version numbers to decide which features are available and instead use a configure script that tests for the required features.


That's the octave comments. There is still the string define OCTAVE_API_VERSION, but I'm not sure one can really deal with that with the pre-processor.

If this is an issue - please make your concerns known to the Octave maintainers. I'm really just a three way middle man at the moment (between plplpot, octave, and swig) as the Fedora packager of plplot and octave.