#1126 php proxy class + overloading + std_vector.i causes segfault

php (58)

$ cat example.i
%module example

%include "std_vector.i"
%include "std_string.i"

namespace std {
%template(StringVector) vector<std::string>;

%include example.h


$ cat example.h
#include <string>
#include <vector>

class Job {
void arguments( const std::vector<std::string> & args );
const std::vector<std::string> & arguments() const;

$ swig -php -cppext cxx -c++ -o example_wrap.cc example.i
Segmentation fault

$ swig -noproxy -php -cppext cxx -c++ -o example_wrap.cc example.i

Note that if I rename one of my functions the segfault goes away. Also, using vector<int> works, but vector<std::string> does not.


  • Jay Buffington

    Jay Buffington - 2011-01-27

    I should have mentioned this is swig 2.0.1

  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2011-02-18
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2011-02-18

    This works for me in SVN trunk.

    I assumed at first it was fixed by r12471 (which is at least superficially similar, and the reason i was testing this bug):


    However undoing that fix I find SWIG doesn't segfault for me either.

    I guess this must have been fixed by another recent change - closing as "works for me" for now, but please reopen if you can reproduce this with current SVN trunk, or with SWIG 2.0.2 once that is released.

  • William Fulton

    William Fulton - 2011-02-18

    For the record, there was a problem as shown below before r12471 was committed, but now okay:

    ==32315== Invalid read of size 4
    ==32315== at 0x805DA49: DohGetattr (base.c:337)
    ==32315== by 0x805E058: DohGetChar (base.c:429)
    ==32315== by 0x80F5F23: PHP::functionWrapper(void*) (php.cxx:1738)
    ==32315== by 0x80C5AC6: Language::memberfunctionHandler(void*) (lang.cxx:1244)
    ==32315== by 0x80F7991: PHP::memberfunctionHandler(void*) (php.cxx:2146)
    ==32315== by 0x80C54BE: Language::functionHandler(void*) (lang.cxx:1067)
    ==32315== by 0x80C657E: Language::cDeclaration(void*) (lang.cxx:977)
    ==32315== by 0x80C85BF: Dispatcher::emit_one(void*) (lang.cxx:121)
    ==32315== by 0x80C89A3: Language::emit_one(void*) (lang.cxx:377)
    ==32315== by 0x80C8159: Dispatcher::emit_children(void*) (lang.cxx:212)
    ==32315== by 0x80C2185: Language::classHandler(void*) (lang.cxx:2448)
    ==32315== by 0x80F6A54: PHP::classHandler(void*) (php.cxx:1982)

  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2011-02-19
    • status: closed-works-for-me --> closed-fixed
  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2011-02-19

    Ah, OK - then we were getting a junk pointer instead of NULL there, which just happened to work for reading, but the reporter (due to an environmental difference) was getting a NULL pointer, or one which pointer to an address which couldn't be read from.

    So this is actually fixed by r12471 then.


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