#1029 parsing constant expressions involving % (modulus)

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Aamir M

SWIG does properly parse constant expression involving the % symbol (modulus operator), but it fails if the constant expression occurs between square brackets (constant length array size). So ...

int i = 12 % 6; works just fine


int array[ 12 % 6 ]; generates a parser error.

Attached interface file demonstrates the problem.


  • Aamir M

    Aamir M - 2009-07-08

    example.i:12: Error: Syntax error in input(3).

  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2009-07-30
    • labels: 505206 --> parsing
    • assigned_to: nobody --> olly
  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2009-07-30

    This is a parsing bug, not code gen.

    SWIG doesn't really parse method bodies, so that is why that "works".

    If I add this to the start of the class:

    const int FOO = 12 % 6;

    Then I get:

    example.i:10: Error: Syntax error in input(3).

    I don't see why this fails from an initial inspection though. Assigning to myself for now, but if someone else wants to investigate, be my guest.

  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2009-12-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Olly Betts

    Olly Betts - 2009-12-04

    Aha! There's MODULO and MODULUS tokens - the first is generated, but the grammar expects the second.

    Fixed in trunk r11774, so this fix should be in SWIG 1.3.41 when that is released.


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