"Back" keyboard shortcut

  • Herman D. HugeLoad

    Just changed over from XP to Gutsy+Swiftweasel. Awesome! Swifty is definitely faster than Firefox, and **seems** to have a lower memory footprint also. Niiice.

    "Back in the day" when I used Firefox, I was able to jump backwards using the backspace key. I'm not sure how that happened - don't recall ever activating it, so maybe it was a default setting, but it's not enabled in Swifty. I've searched through Gutsy's keyboard shortcuts, and it doesn't look like an option that exists - in there anyway.

    Can anyone tell me how to enable "back" functionality mapped to the backspace key?

    • Herman D. HugeLoad

      Responding to myself for posterity

      Here's what's necessary to enable the backspace key:

      pull up "about:config" and search for

      browser.backspace_action and set the value to zero

      browser.backspace_action 0

      restart the browser and voila!


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