• goldencut

    goldencut - 2016-02-28

    Does SS take any command line arguments? Like maybe a word to search for (SwiftSearch.exe some_song.mp3)? It would be cool to be able use SS in 'Send To' menu and so on.


      - 2016-03-01

    Nope, sorry. I'm confused what functionality you would expect from invoking it from "Send To" though. Also, there's a console version in the v1.5 folder, and if I remember correctly it takes a couple of arguments:

    Accessed less than 1 hour ago:

    SwiftSearchConsole.exe -A:-1h D:

    Modified more than 7 years ago:

    SwiftSearchConsole.exe -M:+2556d D:
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      Anonymous - 2016-03-04

      Thanks. I would like to send the search string from command line not using text entry box. I'd like to use GUI (so not console) version of the program: SwiftSearch.exe "some words I want to search". For example I would select notepad.exe in Explorer window and using SendTo menu would send it to SwiftSearch.exe which would then find all duplicates of notepad.exe on my HD.


          - 2016-11-03

        I just saw your comment (when you post anonymously it goes into a moderation queue that doesn't notify me). Hm I see... that may be a possibility. If I don't get around to it in the next month or so feel free to remind me!

  • goldencut

    goldencut - 2016-03-04

    If possible I would send file or folder names directly (via batch file that strips the path) to SwiftSearch (GUI!) form Explorer using SendTo menu:

    SwiftSearch.exe notepad.exe


    SwiftSearch.exe some_file.jpg

    This would find all the duplicates of notepad.exe (or any other file) on my hard disk.



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