MFT reading. Little imperfection or bug?

  • Logharn

    Logharn - 2013-01-22

    Windows 7 Pro x64
    Running as administrator

    It reads the MFT table only during the first search...?
    I tried moving a file from a folder to another just after the search and it found the file in the old position. Closing and re-opening it read MFT again and found the file in the new position...

    Just reporting...

  • Marco

    Marco - 2013-06-08

    Bug is fixed? I see no answers from author? :(

  • steve6375a

    steve6375a - 2013-09-05

    Bug still there. If I copy a file to a different folder then it is not listed on the 2nd search. Maybe a CRC of the $BitMap could be taken before a search is repeated - if the $Bitmap CRC has changed then do a re-load of the MFT? Otherwise add a 'Refresh' button?

  • -

    - - 2014-04-19

    I'm so sorry, I didn't receive any notifications, so I didn't know there were discussions here until now.

    Yes, it only reads during the first search, and updated every so often (15 mins or so). You can press F5 to invalidate the in-memory cache for the selected drive. The CRC idea could work is not very reliable because MFT entries are heavily re-used, so it might not catch everything. Re-reading the MFT automatically on every file change is very inefficient, so proper monitoring and re-reading of individual entries would be necessary -- which is possible but quite difficult to implement, as modifying folders can break all files in the folder hierarchy. I'm not planning to implement it soon but I'll keep it in mind and might come back to it at some point. Thanks for the feedback.

    Last edit: - 2014-04-19


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