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    Track - 2016-05-30

    How i can use the SwiftSearch in commercial project?


      - 2016-05-30

    Hi! Thanks for asking! Could you provide a little bit more detail on what you were hoping to do? For example, were you looking to distribute the binary in a commercial project, or were you looking to use part of the source code? If you mean the source code, what parts of it -- the GUI or the NTFS parsing or something else? I haven't really thought about this scenario so details would be very helpful. Thanks!

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      Track - 2016-05-30

      I would use a part of source code for adding a capability to my tools for superfast searching.

      I know what not all users can use this capability, but a lot of my customers work with admin privileges.
      So this capability will be very useful for them.

      You can contact with me at mail:

      I'm developer of these plugins for 3ds Max

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      - 2016-05-30

    Ah okay, cool, I see. I think it will depend on what parts of the code you need, and whether you expect anything else in return -- such whether you want future support for the code you use, or whether you want to be able to use future versions of my code as well, and the like. Do you just want permission to use the currently written code in your product(s), or do you need more as well?

    Also, another thing to consider:
    Are you actually sure that the code you want to use is suitable for your purpose as-is? Have you tried compiling the parts you want to use and testing it privately? If not, then before licensing anything from me, I recommend you privately try it out locally and see if you can actually use the code the way you expect, because it's unlikely I would assume any liability or make any guarantees whatsoever.

    If/when you're ready, let me know here and I will email you to move forward. :) I really don't want you to be disappointed later so I think it's best if you try using it first and seeing if it does what you want!


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      Track - 2016-05-31

      I'm planning himself work with your code ,
      So i try use the code and after write to you.



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