Animedude5555 - 2013-04-22

When the SVG file is saved from the SWF shape, and then loaded into Gimp some of the areas that are SUPPOSED TO BE opaque are instead rendered as partially transparent. It is either a problem with Gimp, or a problem with SWFRip. You should check your code to make sure it is not a problem with your software.

Also there IS a real problem with your SVG outputs that I know has doesn't in any way even possibly have to do with Gimp. They actually don't load properly in Firefox, and I know why. Where your SVG files say "" at the top I found the proper thing it should say is actually ""

And it's also missing xmlns="" in the svg tag itself. (also version="1.1" is missing from the svg tag, but it doesn't seem to be a major problem)

Without these fixes, Firefox (and likely other browsers will to) REFUSE TO DISPLAY the image, (though Gimp and ImageMagick can still display it).

Last edit: Animedude5555 2013-04-22