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Swerve SOA 0.9b Released



Swerve SOA is a full stack POJO framework for developing Flex 2 / Java RIA solutions. It provides the following features out of the box:


POJO based REST API to quickly implement REST based services
SEDA based messaging fabric with integrated CometD
Messaging fabric obviates the need for traditional thread programming
Asynchronous processing is natural (inline, queued, and fully concurrent)
Configurable Producer Flow Control
Support for text, XML, binary, and AMF0 return types
Scheduler and Persistent Processing Queue API (Mail Queue provided)
Fast XML Marshalling API
Built from the ground up for Terracotta DSO clustering support
Integrated POJO session management
Persistence API (got to add that on your own based on your needs brotha L )
Single Servlet install
Configure using convenience methods; suck in your properties file and go! ... read more

Posted by Travell Perkins 2007-08-24