#502 Tree view in the elements list


Very nice and useful would be different tree views in the furniture list:
- Open a "non-bound group"/category
(in my example screen shot, it's WC-Becken, Spülarmatur, Spülkasten)
or simply via drag and drop on the furniture icon.
In the "non-bound group", all items can be moved like before, it's just a structuring in the box below.

  • Open a "bound-group"
    The view of the current "group" function, maybe marked by brackets.
    (in my example screen shot, all items in "Badewanne" are grouped, but are clickable themselves).
    The difference between the current grouping function and this would be:
    • You have a list of items.
    • It's possible to easily change specific properties (there may be a good reason to do this [ever had a wife who asked you 'the sofas and the sizzle, how would look them in green? ... erm, red? ... erm, brown? no, not that brown, lighter ... no, that is too light...]) without un-grouping the group and re-group it again.

What are the advantages of such a grouping in the furniture list?
- The list will be more readable: If you furnish a house, there will be a lot of stuff. Stuff you want to move separately (so where grouping with the current function will not be senseful).

  • You have an items list (useful for moving company, a to-buy list or even a parts list if you make your own furniture with sh3d; maybe you also will add a 'print furniture list' function?)

  • Items you have more than once will be easier to found (i.e. you have a house with three kitchens, 'stove 1', 'stove 2' and 'stove 3' aren't very easy to sort and aren't good to identify.

  • If you grouped something (i.e. a bath tub, the water faucet and a shower curtain), and you want to change only ONE thing, you will not have to ungroup it, change one property and group it again (and of course, re-set the group name again!).


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    Anonymous - 2012-04-04
    Last edit: Anonymous 2013-10-26
  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    From version 3.7, groups are displayed as expandable / collipsible tree nodes, but child nodes are not editable yet.

  • xorksis

    xorksis - 2012-10-28

    I also highly recommend this porposal to have a multi layer treeview. Further it would be very helpful to move objects from one node to another.


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