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This is the TV center model I emailed you about. Test it out (look at it from all sides) and see if the image mapping looks good to you.

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  • pencilart

    pencilart - 2013-07-15

    ok Emmanuel, I fixed the problem. I forgot that I should have subdivided the right side of the center to stop the strange shading effect.

  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    It looks better now :-)
    Please take the time to better study how Texture Mapping parameters in Art of Illusion works (if you still use this program). You might have to update the Scale values, but also the Rotation values according to the orientation of each shape. Remember that you can set a different mapping and rotation for each shape even if they share the same texture. Use also the mouse in 3D view of Texture Mapping window to help you evaluate how it will render for the current shape.
    Hope this will help you to improve the sides of this nice model.

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  • pencilart

    pencilart - 2013-07-18

    Thank you very much, Emmanuel.

    So, what I've found was that in AOI, the texture mapping looks good from all angles, but once it is exported to .obj, that is when the weirdness happens. Remember the Corner China Cabinet, also the Captain's Bed? After testing the model in SweetHome3D and checking all angles, if I find something weird, then I have to remember to import the model back into AOI and then subdivide the side that has problems. Next time, I should try to subdivide the model before exporting.
    Experiment Time! :D

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you (you might have noticed this already), the TVCenter is all one piece (except for the TV and the CD's, the knobs and the trim around the bottom.)

    P.S. I thought "Scale Texture To Object" didn't work right for exporting into obj's for SweetHome3D.

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  • Emmanuel Puybaret

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  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    Your model was added to the "free 3D models" page at http://sweethome3d.sourceforge.net/freeModels.html .
    Thank you for your contribution.

    I improved the texture coordinates of the model you proposed in Blender to get a better rendering on the sides.

    Last edit: Emmanuel Puybaret 2013-09-16

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