#371 DirectX/OpenGL error on Windows XP Pro


Downloaded newest version (4.0) last week and installed. Program opens ok. When open a file ("userGuideExample.sh3d" or other) it loads and then gives error of DirectX/OpenGL.
"Sweet Home 3D will exit now because of a fatal error in the 3D rendering system of your computer. Please update the DirectX/OpenGL drivers of your computer graphics card."
I previously used version 3.x and created a few home files.
I downloaded the lastest DirectX (v9.0c June 2010) for windows XP and installed it but get the same results.
I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 (english) on a Hewlett Packard HP530 notebook with 2 giga memory
(Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset family)


  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    Maybe the last versions of Java created some incompatibilities. Could you download the Jar
    executable version of Sweet Home 3D 3.7
    , install the last JRE 6 and run it with following command:

    path/to/java/jre6/bin/java -jar path/to/SweetHome3D-3.7.jar

    and check if it still works.

    Last edit: Emmanuel Puybaret 2013-05-15
  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    No news of submitter...

  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    • status: open --> closed
  • Julien Gouesse

    Julien Gouesse - 2016-02-01


    Please reopen this bug report. I reproduce this bug on an old Acer EEE PC (probably a 901) using the Intel 945 Mobile Express Chipset. I get the error message only when I put a furniture item into a room. I updated the driver yesterday, this is the OpenGL driver released in June 2013.

    Last edit: Julien Gouesse 2016-02-01
  • Julien Gouesse

    Julien Gouesse - 2016-02-01

    It's reproducible with an Acer EEE PC 1005 HA under Microsoft Windows XP Family Edition 2002 SP3. I hope that there is a log file somewhere.

  • Julien Gouesse

    Julien Gouesse - 2016-02-04

    This bug is reproducible with Sweet Home 3D 5.1. I have just written a few Ant targets in order to create a single "executable" JAR but using Java3D 1.7.0-pre1 + JOGL 2.3.2. I'm going to modify the source code (javax.media -> com.jogamp) to make it work with this version and I'll give it a try both under Mageia Linux 5 with OpenJDK 1.8 in order to check whether there are some obvious regressions and later on the Acer EEE PC 1005 HA.

  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    • status: closed --> open
  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    Thanks for trying :)

    • Julien Gouesse

      Julien Gouesse - 2016-02-05

      You're welcome. I prefer my close relatives to use an open source modeler rather than a crappy proprietary software. Please can you tell me the differences between the walls and the shower in terms of lighting and the location of the log file?

  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    can you tell me the differences between the walls and the shower in terms of lighting

    Sorry Julien, I don't understand what you mean?!?

    There's no log file. The few stack traces and logs that may happen are logged in the console. Just run the program on the command line to get them.

  • Julien Gouesse

    Julien Gouesse - 2016-02-15

    I'd like to know if those objects use specular or diffuse lights.

    I've succeeded in running Sweet Home with Java3D 1.7.0 under GNU Linux. Why not putting the logs into the same dialog than the one you already use to show a basic error message? It would be helpful when a non technical end user wants to fill a bug report.

  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    Great to know Sweet Home 3D works with Java3D 1.7.0 under GNU Linux :-)

    When users find a bug, I generally request them to find a way to reproduce it, and if a stack trace can help, I ask them to run the program with Java Web Start. I felt that was enough during the past years.

    All objects use diffuse light and shiny objects use specular color along with shininess factor found in Material Java 3D API.


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