2008/1/11, pete shorthose <zenadsl6252@zen.co.uk>:
ey up

a while back, Radoslaw wrote a patch that
replaced the scroll bar with a scroll pane which
displays that entire wave form in miniature, with
the handle highlighted to show the visible
view range. the patch used gtk_paint_box calls
that drew themed widget parts and this caused some
problems as the results can be unsuitable. (you
get some proper funky scroll bars in themes)

Yes, its true.

i've modified it slightly to use lower level
gdk_draw_* functions. before i commit, i want to
canvas for opinions.

is it best to draw the active view section (which
is the bar) with the sample display colours? eg:

Well, why not! :)


or to just swap the colours used for the trough,
which are taken from the widget style. eg:


also, is everyone happy for this to replace the
standard scrollbar entirely?

Radoslaw, are you happy with these changes?

Its, ok for me, but have in mind that display_cache which works behind scroll_pane isn't fully stable and can crash sweep - very, very rarely.


Radosław Korzeniewski