#15 Multi-track editing and mixing


I haven't seen multi-track editing in the feature
list; it whould be nice if you did a sort of
multi-track editing possible, with saving to project
files, and then mixing these tracks to mono or stereo
(or maybe, 5-channel too) output file.


  • Conrad Parker

    Conrad Parker - 2002-10-25
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Multitrack wave apps are good and sweep can do this (in a
    limited way), however I think that sweep would be better to
    stay a wave editor, since wave editors are good for
    manipulating single wave files and multitrack editors are
    good for mixing many wave files non destructivly,

    I think the best solution is to use Audacity, Adour or
    Gnusound for the multitrack side of things, and these apps
    can use sweep as an external editor.

    This system works well When using Cakewalk Pro Audio which
    uses soundforge as an external editor.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Really need multitrack, like cooledit pro.
    When it can use multiple tracks, i will never install a windows more.


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