yes texas instruments marketing dept are really going hard on the omap range!!!

its early days yet i tried angstrom but the package managing system opkg seems to be broken there.
ubuntu have an omap distribution but....
looks like it might have to be

#make install

all the way from the ground up!

i'll keep you posted as progress is made

73de pete vk6fun

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 3:29 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Pete,

> no skin off my nose steve. just pointing out where most of the interest
> lies..
of cause, these words were for those who ask for Qt4 support.
I think it would help a lot if more people would carefully test the Qt4 branch.
Personally, I've currently not much time doing this.

> svxlink on the beagleboard <> is the main
> goal at the moment.
This sounds interesting, I plan to use a similar board:

How did you get on with board ? I'd be interested in CPU load when encoding
SPEEX frames with high complexity setting.

73's Steve DH1DM

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