On Monday 05 March 2012 20:41:41 Sebastien Caty wrote:

> Hi again!


> >> r120 is working ok here with samba 3.6.3

> >

> > r121 also?

> >

> > :-)


> Yep, stiil good :)

OK, thanks! The release has been made now...

> Well, we still had a hard to reproduce user session going stale for no

> reason under SLES 9 so I turned it off. We are now migrating away from

> SLES to RHEL so a new round of testing is under way. Other than that,

> SVS works fine.

Great, let me know how it works! And if there are still issues of that sort, we should try to debug them...

I'd really like to work om the planned stuff, but my freetime is limited at lately, and there's at least one other open source project which keeps me busy all the time :)...

Have fun, René