On Tuesday 14 December 2010 05:10:26 pm Sebastien Caty wrote:

> > Thanks for having a look at it... yeah, the reason probably is that

> > the system

> > where this happened has no /dev/urandom (right?)


> Nope, they all have /dev/urandom and working.

Hmmm... OK.

Well, I was refering to this statement from the Qt documentation:

QUuid QUuid::createUuid()

On any platform other than Windows, this function returns a new UUID with variant QUuid::DCE and version QUuid::Random. If the /dev/urandom device exists, then the numbers used to construct the UUID will be of cryptographic quality, which will make the UUID unique. Otherwise, the numbers of the UUID will be obtained from the local pseudo-random number generator (qrand(), which is seeded by qsrand()) which is usually not of cryptograhic quality, which means that the UUID can't be guaranteed to be unique.


Cheers, René


René Reucher