> This is the corresponding change-log entry (SVN rev. 87):


> - imp: sync-cans no longer process the request queue themselves, they only

> put a scan request on the queue and let the monitoring thread take care of

> it (this should also fix the rare deadlocks which were seen by some users)

Great, I'm going to push this latest version on a bunch of servers and have a good look.

> Fingers crossed :)!


> My setup: openSUSE 11.3 (x86_64), Qt 4.6.3, ClamAV 0.96.5, Samba 3.4

SLES9 SP3, QT 4.5.3, ClamAV 0.95.3, Samba 3.5.6

SLES10 SP2, QT 4.7.1, ClamAV 0.96.5, Samba 3.5.6

Also Tru64 5.1B-5, Samba 3.5.6 but there's no QT and ClamAV....well I never tried. I'm already lucky enough that samba can still be compiled.

> BTW, please post (more) complete logs next time if possible... something

> like this would be nice (output attached to the mail):


> # grep <session-ID> /var/log/messages | bzip2 > session.log.bz2

Sure, no problem.

I also have samba logging at level 3


> Thanks!

I owe you a nice beer!