Hello i and some ppl on forum wanted this stuff so i maked it, and it was really simple indeed… let me share it!

Go to /svnmanager/RepositoryModule and edit the DataModule.php

After line 72 (Number may change from version to version)

$ret = exec("LANG=".$lang.";$svnadmin_cmd -config-dir $svn_config_dir create $a_dir");

Add a new line 73 (Number may change from version to version)

if( $defaultFolders ) exec("$svn_cmd mkdir -parents file://$a_dir/{$foldersToCreate} -m \"initial dir creation\"");

Go to config.php

on the last line add this stuffs

//Auto create folders inside the repo? Boolean
$defaultFolders = true;
//What folders to create, string comma separated
$foldersToCreate = "trunk,tags,branches";