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SVN Web Control v1.1.0-l released

SWC v1.1.0-l provides only one but very basic enhancement: LGPL (GNU Lesser Public License) instead of GPL. Check out current SWC project news to read more about this topic.

Posted by sTEFANs 2007-03-22


To make licensing of SVN Web Control more convinient the license is changed from GNU General Public License (GPL) to GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). LGPL grants more freedom to users, including usage of commercial products. The change includes also ALL versions less and equal to SWC v.1.1.0 of SWC with immediate effect even if source code states it otherwise.
A new version (SWC-v1.1.0-l) is released, the only changes are the license statements, code is kept untouched. According to the statement above it is not necessary to download the new version if you already use SWC-v1.1.0.

Posted by sTEFANs 2007-03-22

SVN-Web-Control v1.1.0 released

Subversion-Web-Control version 1.1.0 is available as file release. Please read the release notes or change logs for necessary migration steps below if you are already using SWC v1.0.y.

I was able to add some nice features, e.g. "Spaceballs" and even to fix all of the known bugs.
Spaceballs are - just similar to TARballs - the zipped content of the webspace without .svn directories. That makes it much more easier to create file releases with SVN and SWC.
Another new feature is that SWC support several svn protocols. It is now possible to access SVN via svn:// or https:// etc.... read more

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-11-03

SWC 1.1.0 out now

Subversion-Web-Control version 1.1.0 is now tagged and available via projects subversion repository. A file release will follow on the step.

Due to the very nice weather first, than to the very bad weather that caused to set up a complete new developement environment, than the nice waether again that kept me outside, and finally the bad weather again that again forced me to set up the development service twice it took me a little bit longer to finalise this release. Short: Blame it on the weatherman.... read more

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-11-03

Important: Migration to SWC Rev 27 and later to SWC v1.1.0

Due to solution of SF #1516603 / Tigris #8 "Enable additional SVN protocols"
interface and usage of SwcConfig has been change slightly but signifcantly.
No parse errors will occur but the configuration will not work anymore!

Migration steps
For each SWC configuration (derived from SwcConfig):
1.) The function GetRepositoryRoot must be deleted and GetRepositoryRootDir must be
renamed to GetRepositoryRoot.
2.) The function GetWebspaceRootDir must be used, GetWebspaceRoot is deprecated
and not used anymore.

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-08-22

SWC 1.1.0 is on the way

Hi everybody out there!
Maybe you have noticed the entries within the tracker lists. This means that I am working on the next version of SVN Web Control, which I plan to release the next few weeks.
This version will be enhanced to support any SVN protocols (e.g. svn://, http://, etc.) and to provide a "Release" functionality. Find out more and other upcoming changes within the Tracker lists.... read more

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-07-18

SVN Web Control 1.0.1 is out now

The first maintenance release of SWC is available now. It contains fixes as stated within SWC documentation.

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-07-03

SVN Web Control forums and trackers opened

Due to the lack of feedback, I decided to grant anonymous submission of discussion posts in the SWC 'Forums' as well as 'Bugs' and 'Feature Requests' tracker. Feel free to post your feedback.
Please note that I will watch the postings and remove any spam or unserious messages.
I'm looking forward to know your opinion about SWC!

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-04-05

SVN Web Control Subversion repository available

SVN Web Control source and documentation can now be downloaded via the project's subversion repositroy. This gives you more flexibility for download and synchronisation purposes. Even better, you have access to fixes and enhancements even before a file release is provided. Use the 'Subversion' link on 'SVN Web Control' project page for details.
Please note that the repositories 'trunk' path contains the latest available version while fixed versions corresponding to file releases can be found under 'tags' repository path.... read more

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-04-05

SVN Web Control 1.0.0 is out now

SVN Web Control (SWC) v1.0.0 is released.
SWC allows to control a Webspace for Web-Projects based on SVN via Web Browser: Update your webspace; Switch to tags or branches; Run SVN Info, Log, Cleanup ...;
Run SVN commands as on the command line and much more.
Check out more details on

Posted by sTEFANs 2006-03-28