Added Apache MD5 and SHA password encryption choices for install.

Bill Meine
  • Bill Meine

    Bill Meine - 2013-06-28

    I was putting SVNAM up with SVN DAV access and ViewVC. I found that the standard MD5 password hash (preamble "$1$) is not supported in modern Apache servers. Because of that, the authorization file produced for SVN and ViewVC does not work with the MD5 passwords.

    I found that code for the Apache MD5 password hashes (preamble "$apr1$") was in the distribution but wasn't really useable. So, I rewrote the handling code (mostly in pacrypt()), added support for SHA hashes (bonus, trivial), and fixed the installer to provide the choices. Everything seems to be working with any mixture of hash types and the ability to make password changes to the default type at any time.

    What I don't know is how to communicate these changes toward the distribution. The easiest seems to be in a Git patch file that will apply directly to a working copy (attached). In the directory where the svn_access_manager distribution directory resides, run:

    git apply --verbose --check svnam0.5.5.22.patch

    If that's good, run:

    git apply --verbose svnam0.5.5.22.patch


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  • Thomas Krieger

    Thomas Krieger - 2013-07-04

    sorry, have seen the post on this site too late

  • Shalmal

    Shalmal - 2013-07-31

    I am trying to Install SVN access Manager in linux box which has PHP version 5.3.3,mysql version 5.5.29 with apache 2.2.22.I have already Collabnet Subversion Edge installed in my box and I am installing SVN access Manager specifically for Access permissions. So I need my edge auth and access file to be used by SVNAM.

    My Collabnet edge auth file location is :/opt/product/svn/csvn/data/conf/svn_auth_file
    My Collabent edge access file location is : /opt/product/svn/csvn/data/conf/svn_access_file

    Steps I followed

    1.Downloaded svn_access_manager-
    2.Untarred in one location
    3.added Alias /svnaccessmanager /<SOME DIRECTORY="">/svn_access_manager to httpd.conf of apache
    4.opened the browser and started the installation process
    5.Entered the required fields in the installation page
    6.After clicking start instllation button I get below mentioned error

    DB Query: INSERT INTO svnusers (userid, name, givenname, password, emailaddress, user_mode, admin, created, created_user, password_modified, superadmin) VALUES ('admin', 'Deploy', 'Administrator', '$1$4e7656de$EwidAmkDnfixfzyEnSB2W/', '', 'write', 'y', '20130731121158', 'install', '20130731121158', 1)
    DB Error: Field 'modified_user' doesn't have a default value
    DB Function: db_query_install

    Please help me with this error and also please let me know if SVN access Manager is compatible with Collabnet Edge

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