Active Directory

  • Troopers

    Troopers - 2008-10-13


    Could you say me if this admin tool can use the accounts created in Active Directory for Windows?

    If no, is it plan in the future?


    • Michael Griffith

      I also want to know if the user base can reside in LDAP/AD.  I want SVN to use LDAP for authentication and this tool for authorization, is that possible?

    • Thomas Krieger

      Thomas Krieger - 2008-11-20


      I plan to add LDAP support in the future. It will be possible to authenticate against LDAP and use users and groups from LDAP. Adding and changing users and groups in LDAP will not be possible. Because I'm very short in time I can't tell when I've time to add this feature.

  • Nehemiah J

    Nehemiah J - 2012-02-24


    Nice Effort. When can we expect

  • Thomas Krieger

    Thomas Krieger - 2012-03-03

    Hi, never. Because I've been adding some new features and therefore the release number will be a little bit higher. Currently I'm testing the new installer and after finishing my tests I will relase version But due to time limitations on my side the work is not going as fast I expected.

    Here's the changelog of

        - new installer
        - included JQuery and JavaScript tables. It is now possible to sort the
          table contents by clicking into the head of the columns
        - removed sort user by and sort user order from preferences due to sortable
        - removed selection for use of JaveScript in installer
          because JavaScript is now necessary for JQuery
        - added LDAP support
        - added report to user's groups and access rights
          feature request ID 3155553
        - changed generation of per repository access files
          feature request 3234233
        - fixed bug 3275587
          trailing slashes in access file are removed
        - fixed bug 3275587
          fixed issue in "User expired" cronjob mail
        - fixed bug 3141126
          paging on "rep_granted_user_rights.php" works now
    - fixed bug 3125448
      restrict rights of an user who only has add user permission to not have the
      possibility to gain more rights by creating users with higher level of rights
    - resolved feature requests 1985511, 3079669 and 3109997
      added LDAP support to make connections to AD or other LDAP servers possible to
      get a single sign on
    - fixed bug 3137282 and 3137284
      fixed paging issues with group list and access right list
    - fixed bug 3139077
      now an user can't get write access on a particular directories when set to read only globally
    - fixed bug 3138664
      issue with db_escape_string db link

    Best regards


  • Thomas Krieger

    Thomas Krieger - 2012-03-04

    SVN Access Manager with LDAP support has been released a few minutes ago.

    Have fun



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