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Lore Update #1

Introducing our Crew

We felt it was time introducing all the members of our small organisation!

Max Wällstedt - Head programmer
Andreas Nilsson - Storywriter
Rikard Osgyan - Co-Storywriter
Martin Chan - Soundtrack Composer
Ellinor Frank - Graphics Designer
David Frisell - IT consultant (Nothing important)

Today we (Rikard, Max and I) had a conference over skype, discussing and developing the lore of the game. Not a very efficient process, but we ended up with a greatly improved manual (nowhere near finished though, the release will take a while!) and a bit more background info and story.... read more

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Second Blog Post!

Hello yet again!

Since last time, Sverkir's Reign has been ported to the pdcurses library, in order to make it easier to port it to GNU/Linux later, and increase performance.
The previous bugs are all fixed, and the first alpha is about ready to be released. Now you can also start the game after you select the slot to load or start a new game, but start playing merely means seeing the default game screen and returning to the Main Menu by pressing any key.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2012-09-07

First blog post!

Yo, blog readers!

We call ourselves Giant Sloth Interactive, and we're developing our first feature game, "Sverkir's Reign", an adventure game in RPG-style. The current members of Giant Sloth Interactive (not to be abbreviated) are Max Wällstedt and Andreas Nilsson. We're currently both 18 years old, studying science in what we in Sweden call gymnasium (upper secondary high school).

Me writing at the moment is Max, and unfortunately all I can say about the development at the moment is that we have a menu system and a character creation system. None of them are bug free yet.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2012-08-30

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