How do I customize Includes and Excludes?

  • Victor Lyuboslavsky

    How do I customize Includes and Excludes for Source Collections?

    When I try to change them, after clicking OK, they always return to default values in the Source Collections tab of SystemVerilog Project Properties. I need to only pick up the following files from a certain directory: **/*.d

  • Victor Lyuboslavsky

    I'm guessing this is a bug that got introduced at some point. I'm seeing it in SVEditor 0.9.9 and SVE IDE 1.1

    As a related question, how do I get SVEditor syntax highlighting and all the other goodness for non standard file extensions? I tried to add SystemVerilog Editor as the default editor in Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations, but I just got a plain text file without any syntax highlighting.

  • Matthew Ballance

    Changing file associations is done via the Preferences->General->Content Types category. Navigate through the 'Text' category in the right-hand pane to find the 'SystemVerilog' content type. You can add your file extension to the list in the lower-right pane.

  • Victor Lyuboslavsky

    Yes. Changing Content Types works. Thank you.

    Regarding Includes and Excludes, it would be nice if those could be customized. For example, I may want to include *.v files, but not **/*.v files.

  • Matthew Ballance

    Okay, the include/exclude issue is a bug. I've corrected the bug, and it will be available in the 1.0.0 release.

    One thing to keep in mind is that going forward the Source Collection and Library Path methods to specify index settings will be deprecated and eventually removed. In order to support features such as multi-file compilation unit (in addition to focusing on the index-specification mechanism with the most flexible features), Argument File will be the way that index settings are specified.


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