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Can I join as a member?

  • Escorial

    Escorial - 2008-11-08

    I would like to contribute. Can I join this project?

    Some problems found in 0.2.2:

    1. This construct didn' displayed in the outline:

    class <name> extends <top_name>;

    2. is it possible to implement selected text highlight at vertical bar (like the one, you get when you use project search)?

    • Matthew Ballance

      Yes, you're welcome to contribute to this project. My preference, in terms of code contributions, is for contributors to submit patches. Another similar approach we could explore is using branches in SVN. The key objective is to ensure that changes from multiple contributors don't conflict. Let me know your thoughts on these two approaches.

      >> 1. This construct didn' displayed in the outline:

      >> class <name> extends <top_name>;

      Not really a surprise. The project is currently using a 'scanner'-based parser that doesn't fully parse the SV code, it just looks for certain characteristics. I'm working on a full SV parser using JavaCC, but that isn't integrated into the project yet.

      >> 2. is it possible to implement selected text highlight at vertical bar (like the one, you get when you use project search)? 

      I'm not sure I understand this feature. My best guess is that you're referring to (for example) the JDT editor behavior that shows the scope of a feature in the left vertical bar when it is selected in the outline? Currently, the project isn't tracking the extents of a parse region, though it could...

      You can check out the source and browse around if you're interested. The source in SVN is currently up-to-date. Let me know what features you're interested in working on, and I'll write up some overview doc that points out interesting portions of the code for that feature...


    • Escorial

      Escorial - 2008-11-09

      Yes, I think patch approach will work for me.

      I'm hardware designer and verification engeneer and not very familar with java right now, but I will do my best in testing this plugin and proposing new features.

      About second feature:

      When you select one word in SV editor (it can be any word - operator, variable name,  text inside $psprintf, number e.t.c), the plugin searches for all matches in the current file for that word, and displays a small bars on the vertical ruller bar, like the one you get when you add bookmark, so you can see all matches for that word inside the document. If you click on those bars you can quickly navigate to those other matches. It is very useful.

      The best way to see what it looks like is to select word in editor and then go Search->Text->File.

      P.S. Plugin working nice on Eclipse  3.3.1 right now.

    • Escorial

      Escorial - 2008-11-09

      Just found that in Eclipse, the right vertical ruller is named Overview ruller. So i mean the text matches should be displayed in overview ruller.

    • Matthew Ballance

      I now understand the outline-bar feature. I suspect that the Java editor is providing the highlight based on what it knows about the structure of the Java code. I think that a textual search will (in most cases) be just as effective, provided comments and strings are ignored.
      For now, perhaps filing an enhancement request in the tracker would be a good way ensure this idea doesn't get lost. If you're interested in learning Java/Eclipse, this feature might be a good way to get started.

      I'm glad SVEditor is working for you in 3.3.1. Do you use other tools that are 3.3-based, or is that just the Eclipse version you had installed?

      • Escorial

        Escorial - 2008-11-10

        No, just didn't updated for a while. Switched to 3.4.1 today. Looks nice.

        Btw, could you please create some base types of Bug/Feature requests in the Tracker?

        • Escorial

          Escorial - 2008-11-10

          Tried plugin with jre1.5.0_15 under CentOS Linux 4.6. It didn't works (no file associations, no syntax highlight). Installed jre 1.6.0_10 - all works fine.
          Is it really required to have the 1.6.x version of java? Potentially it could limit the number of potential users of the plugin - some users working on the workstations with preinstalled java and could not install the java they wish.

          If 1.6.x is really required, maybe update wiki with requirements to have JRE 1.6.x Installed?

          • Matthew Ballance

            Yes, a bit of an oversight. One of the plug-ins was marked as requiring Java 6. I've uploaded a new release to resolve this issue.


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