Index order

  • Victor Lyuboslavsky

    Many (if not most) simulators support compile order, where global defines/macros included in one file do not have to be explicitly included in subsequent files. I cannot figure out how to make this work with SVEditor.

    Here is an example project consisting of 2 files:

    `define MY_DEFINE=3'b001;

    class my_class;
      int my_var1;
      int my_var2 = `MY_DEFINE;

    How do I configure SVEditor to get these indexed correctly, without seeing the following red X message in my_class.svh
    macro "MY_DEFINE" undefined

  • Matthew Ballance

    Currently, SVEditor supports single-file compilation unit. In this mode, each root file specified to SVEditor for indexing is treated as a standalone scope for pre-processor defines and declarations. The mode you refer to is multi-file compilation unit. SVEditor will eventually support multi-file compilation unit, but only in the context of the argument-file method for specifying files to index.

  • Christine

    Christine - 2014-11-10

    Hi, Matthew,
    May I ask how to claim defines_X.svh ( a lot of `define xxx xxxxxxx inside of such files) in the argument file?
    currently, I just use +incdir+$path_where_define_files_are. can those defines_X.svh files be parsed by SVE compiler by this way?
    Do you have some doc for how to write an argument file?



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