#84 Cross-Linking and Override Tasks/Functions no work

Xinwei Gong

I used eclipse3.6.2 classic and java(TM)6 update24. Also test with eclipse3.6 and the same java version.
My OS is windowsXP.
And the test code is xbus example in ovm-2.1.1, just followed the guide in 'Getting Started with SVEditor', add ovm_pkg to library path and add compile_questa_sv.f to Argument Files.

Both of the have the same situation:
1.Macros can be identified normaly, that's good.
2.Outline view works good.
3.Cross-linking works good, that's fine.
4.Content Assist cannot work. When I typed a "." in a function, nothing happened but only an function completion error was reported.
5.Override Tasks/Functions cannot work. I cannot see any class in the poped menu.


  • Xinwei Gong

    Xinwei Gong - 2011-04-15

    Just found that the Argument File cannot work if select it by filesystem, it can only work by reference it with ${workspace_loc}. The Argument File will effect the Macro check property.
    Filesystem path: L:\workspace\xgong\ovm-2.1.1\examples\xbus\examples\compile_questa_sv.f
    Workspace path:${workspace_loc}\xbus\examples\compile_questa_sv.f
    When use the 'Filesystem path', the ovm macros cannot be identified.
    My library path is "L:\workspace\xgong\ovm-2.1.1\src\ovm_pkg.sv" and I cannot change it workspace based path since it's not in workspace.
    Totaly, I use workspace based path for Argument file and file system path for Library Paths, and get 1,2,3 work file but 4,5(Content Assist,Override Tasks/Functions) failed.
    So SVEditor cannot work normaly in windows XP, is this true?

  • Xinwei Gong

    Xinwei Gong - 2011-04-15

    Hi, mballance,

    With the help of zxcv I found that the content Assit cannot work is because of a hot key collision.
    But after update to use sveditor-0.4.1, the override/implement methods can even not pop the select menu. Is there anything wrong?



  • StevenAZ

    StevenAZ - 2011-11-07

    This will be working (or should be better at least) in 0.6.12ea. Please give feedback on how it works. Hitting Ctrl-Space after the function name will drop down a template, and Ctrl-Space after a . will give port names if I remember correctly.


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