#242 pp_file exception on files.f that has error in it

Decorator (1)

I am getting an exception if a files.f has an error in it. I am not sure how serious this is but in a nut shell: If I have a files.f with an invalid / illegal file in it, I get two sets of errors. The first occurs when the files.f is parsed. I believe the second occurs when the decorator attempts to update the project explorer window.

Methinks that after the first warning, the file name should be "discarded" until the next rebuild, and the error should not ripple through the rest of the tool.

SVE version 1.1.6
In this particular case, my files.f was pointing to a directory name instead of a file name, without a leading -y, -v or +incdir+

First error

[SVDBArgFileIndex] net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.SVDBArgFileIndex: failed to open ""

Slave errors

[SVDBArgFileIndex] Failed to get pp_file "" from cache
[SVDBArgFileIndex] null
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.AbstractSVDBIndex.buildFileTreeJob(AbstractSVDBIndex.java:1189)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.AbstractSVDBIndex.buildFileTree(AbstractSVDBIndex.java:1113)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.AbstractSVDBIndex.ensureIndexState(AbstractSVDBIndex.java:456)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.AbstractSVDBIndex.getFileList(AbstractSVDBIndex.java:821)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.core.db.index.SVDBIndexCollection.getFileList(SVDBIndexCollection.java:669)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.ui.svcp.SVDBFileDecorator.loadProjectFiles(SVDBFileDecorator.java:255)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.ui.svcp.SVDBFileDecorator.access$4(SVDBFileDecorator.java:254)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at net.sf.sveditor.ui.svcp.SVDBFileDecorator$1.run(SVDBFileDecorator.java:85)
[SVDBArgFileIndex] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:679)


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