#165 More cycle sizes for two-level counter


As a music theorist studying timing in non-isochronous meter, I would find it very helpful to be able to select more cycle sizes for the two-level counter that numbers new time instants. Ideally, rather than the current arrangement of choosing a cycle size from a fixed list, a user would be able to input any positive integer as the cycle size. Failing that, though, it would still be quite an improvement simply to have more options on the list (e.g., every integer from 1 to 20 or higher).

It's true that a more flexible cyclical counter, such as the dynamic counter one proposed in ticket 106, would be nice, but simply expanding the range of the current counter seems more easily attainable and would meet my current needs.

Thanks very much, by the way, to the developers of this program—it's truly an invaluable tool for my work!


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