#149 Toolbar on full-screen mode


There should be a way to show the toolbar while on full-screen mode. There could be a submenu in the View menu, like "Toolbars on full-screen mode", or in the Preferences dialog, with the following options: (1) Always hidden, (2) Auto-hide and (3) Always visible.
(I would use the auto-hide mode for myself, but maybe the Always visible option should be the default since it appears to be the most intuitive of them.)


  • Chris Cannam

    Chris Cannam - 2014-02-13

    The full-screen mode is really intended as a display mode for installations or demos -- it's not really expected that you could actually carry out any editing in it. Can I ask what purpose you want to use full-screen mode for? That is, if you need the window furniture like toolbars, why is it not sufficient just to maximise the window?

  • Josias Matschulat

    I use the full-screen mode for editing, especially when I have two or more panels showing at the same time, because I have a low resolution screen (1366x768). So, an auto-hidden toolbar would be nice. And, as I wrote in #201, the ESC key should not exit the full-screen mode, because it is already assigned to the Clear Selection tool.


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