Chris Cannam - 2017-01-11

A mere three years two months after the feature request, there is an SVG export feature in the new SV 3.0 beta. See for more about that.

I would caution that SVG-exported waveforms are not always as exciting as you might expect, because the same rendering code is used for the waveform regardless of whether it's rendering to screen or SVG. When you're zoomed out enough to have several frames per pixel on the display, then the waveform is actually rendered as a series of vertical lines (from min to max for each pixel's summary frames) and this rendering is retained through to the SVG. You can't then just zoom in to the SVG and see more detail.

In general this is a conceptual limitation of SVG export -- it always exports what is on the screen even though that may have been rounded to pixel boundaries. So if you zoom in on the screen and then export, you may get a slightly different plot from if you export and then zoom. I'm not sure how best to mitigate this in the future.