Chris Cannam - 2014-10-07

Hi Bruno --

I've looked into this and it seems it's a problem with the interaction with the file dialog, rather than with the export.

The format is actually keyed solely from the file extension. That is, if you name your export file something.xml or something.svl, Sonic Visualiser will export XML to it. Name it something.n3 or something.ttl, and Sonic Visualiser will export RDF/Turtle. Name it something.csv and you'll get comma-separated values, while any other extension will get tab-separated (this is the "text" format).

Looks as if the menu in the file dialog is only affecting which (existing) files are displayed, not what format is used for exporting the new one. I'll have to see if I can sort that out, but in the mean time, the above description should be enough to give you a workaround.

Thanks for the report!