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new mailing list

i created a mailing list so i could communicate minor changes and stuff without cluttering up the News section.

Posted by montgomery 2005-09-30

CVS usage

i just want to let you know that i use CVS as a backup mechanism. i recommend that you only use the available download(s), and do NOT attempt to build Susie via a CVS download.

Posted by montgomery 2005-09-17

Changes for Linux

in CVS only (version 0.2f), are changes that should allow Susie to compile correctly on Linux systems.

Posted by montgomery 2005-05-03

most current changes


just a reminder that the most recent changes will always be in CVS.

the direct downloads are usually rather old as compared to the CVS versions.

Posted by montgomery 2005-03-03

Method bytecode limits

i've made changes so that the limit is now 65535 bytes (instead of 256)

Posted by montgomery 2004-11-04


you can now write Smalltalk scripts that work with Susie. (sketchy) detail in the ReadMe and a few examples in the scripts directory.

Posted by montgomery 2004-09-27

Susie downloads (oops)

i just realized that cvs does not automatically add new files. i've added the missing files to the CVS.

Posted by montgomery 2004-09-16

Susie downloads

it may be a while before i devote the time to creating a tgz for downloading. until then you will need to download using cvs.

i make every effort to avoid committing anything to cvs that will "break" it.

Posted by montgomery 2004-09-16